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E-Fulfilment Services


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Selling e-commerce products online directly to consumers is a different ballgame. Here last mile delivery is critical in terms of customer satisfaction. This is the key to success and why it is important to partner with the right e-fulfilment partner capable of ticking all the boxes for your requirements.

Selling cross-border out of your home market means you not only compete against other local retailers in different countries, but also against competitors in these markets that have extensive knowledge in their countries. Seabourne’s e-fulfilment services are essential to assist you to improve and grow your business across continents, ensuring satisfied customers and repeat business.

Our E-Fulfilment Services connected to our Courier Services offer a reliable extension of your e-commerce business anywhere in the world creating happy and returning customers. Whether you are outsourcing or expanding your e-commerce fulfilment operations, the best option is to completely automate your process from picking to sorting to the last mile delivery service.

Seabourne’s strategic and centralised fulfillment locations connect you to the most lucrative e-commerce markets within a day’s reach, depending on the delivery option selected based on your specific products, basket value and customer delivery requirements at checkout.

Our customers have peace of mind and confidence that the fulfilment and last mile delivery of their web shop orders and e-commerce sales is in trusted hands. This allows you to focus on your core business of selling products online, without any hassles or worries.

More and more global e-commerce businesses are turning to specialists in e-fulfilment to help manage their complete logistics requirements. Seabourne streamlines your operations by reducing errors in order accuracy, cutting costs, and improving the level of customer service. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to partner up in local markets.

The Seabourne E-fulfillment difference

  • Local fulfilment near to market
  • Up-to-date insight of the status of shipping orders
  • Multicarrier strategy
  • Last mile delivery by Seabourne FR own network and fleet
  • Inventory Management
  • Secure storage
  • Packaging and labelling

Other E-Fulfilment Solutions

  • Tax representation services

  • Tax advice

  • Knowledge of the local market

  • Customs advice

  • Custom repositories

  • Temporary storage facilities

  • Platform Integrations

  • Single label integration

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